Forms & Permits Infomation

For the purpose of the public health, safety, and welfare, the Borough of Nesquehoning has adopted the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code.  Persons who are planning any home improvement projects should contact the Zoning Officer/Building Inspector to find out whether or not a Building and/or Zoning permit is required.

Please remember pool permits are required for pools, which are either inflatable or permanent and are capable of containing twenty-four (24) inches or more of water.

A Moving Permit is required when a resident is moving into, out of or within the Borough of Nesquehoning.  The cost of a moving permit is $10 and they may be obtained at the Nesquehoning Police Department or during normal business hours at the Borough Office.

Anybody soliciting within the Borough is required to obtain a Solicitor’s Permit from the Police Department or the Borough Office.

For a Shed permit or a Stove permit, only a Building permit application is required.

A short form consist of a Building permit application and a Zoning permit application.

Code Complaint Form

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